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Portishead Announces US Tour Dates

It was summer, 1999 and I had agreed to go to a house party with a guy I had just met. Sweet coincidence was that a co-worker of mine was in the car when he pulled up (luckily no weird, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been scenario was to be had). Even sweeter was when after we had settled ourselves nicely onto the host’s couch, a tripped-out, dreamy sound hit my ears. Portishead. And the song was “Sour Times”. 

Thus began my love of the band that hails from Bristol. Beth Gibbons vocals permeate the thick walls of your mind while Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley provide the perfect mix of tradional instruments, DJ styling and musical sampling to give you a desirable, yet formidable feeling. My favorite track from Portishead that possesses this very attribute has got to be “Over”. Check it out.

In case you feel as I do check out their tour dates

Maybe I’ll catch you in NY.


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