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Introducing My Friend, NYC Artist Brian Kenny

Brian Kenny's Witchcraft

Brian Kenny's Witchcraft

 I’ve known  Brian Kenny for several years now, but what I did not know until recently was that he has a book  out called Brian Kenny’s Witchcraft. His artwork can be described as nothing less than mystifying. His muse is obviously the occult, and his medium ink on paper, showcasing his love for shadow and light. You can find his work at Ward-Nasse Art Gallery and facebook . Preview and purchase Witchcraft  and his other work, Horrors of the Abyss at


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Complexly refined heroine sifted through to create a sometimes morbid, yet usually bubbly 20-something. No? How about a rock solid rebel-minded plain clothes punk? It's true, I am not how appear, yet I am no closer when you look in the mirror. I am just here. And I love imagining things.

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