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Review: Piecemeal June by Jordan Krall

Piecemeal June by Jordan Krall (Eraserhead Press, January 2008)

While Kevin seems to be just another single guy with a cat, in Piecemeal June, (Eraserhead Press, January 2008) Bizarro author Jordan Krall has a lot in store for his unwitting and rather sweet protagonist.

In a regular world, Kevin modestly lives above a porn shop, works at a pet store and has a friend who has yet to get a handle on being an adult. It’s from an alternative world of mutilated human body parts and three crab-monsters who enjoy nothing more than chomping on puppy legs like humans do pork rinds where June, the sex-doll is created. When Kevin’s cat, Mithra randomly brings her disjointed parts home, Kevin glues the pieces together and his mundane life is transformed.

What moves the book along is Krall’s ability to both disgust and fascinate his readers with imagery that is perverse and downright dirty in one paragraph, and vaguely romantic the next. The reader gets a sense from the beginning what is happening in Kevin’s town, while it takes him the entire book to see it, let alone even try to grasp some understanding of it. That being said, Krall still manages to have a bit of a stun-factor in the end, leaving one to go back and flip through the pages to find the hidden pieces that were there the entire time.

Short, yet not as simple as you’d think, Jordan Krall’s Piecemeal June is as provocative as it is sentimental, leaving love to grace the pages just as much as the bodily fluids. Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to rub one out right along with Macchu, Bacchu, and Frank.



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